We are models, writers, designers, agents, influencers, casting directors, hair and makeup artists, buyers, CMOs, CEOs, and other industry leaders deeply troubled by recent incidents of antisemitism and online hate crimes that have come to light within the fashion and beauty industry.

Fashion has always been a powerful platform for self-expression, inclusivity, and the celebration of diverse cultures. It has been heartbreaking for us to witness so many instances where our industry has continued to enable acts of discrimination and hatred. Antisemitism, in any form, has no place in our society, let alone within an industry that prides itself on creativity and acceptance.

Recent reports and our own personal experiences have shed light on the presence of antisemitic behaviour and stereotypes being used on and offline by members of the fashion industry. This perpetuates harmful narratives and contributes to the marginalisation of Jewish individuals and communities. It is crucial that we address this issue openly and take concrete steps to eradicate antisemitism within the industry.

We must start by acknowledging that antisemitism exists and understanding its impact on individuals and communities. Education and awareness are key in fostering an inclusive and respectful environment. Fashion companies and organisations should implement regular mandatory diversity and sensitivity training for all employees, from designers to executives, ensuring a deeper understanding of different cultures and religions, including Judaism.

Furthermore, transparency is crucial in combating antisemitism and all forms of racism. Fashion companies should denounce any acts of antisemitism and take swift and decisive action against individuals or brands that perpetuate such behaviour.

We urge you to address this issue by engaging directly with individuals who have a track record in engaging in discriminatory practices that perpetuate harmful stereotypes and holding them to account, and that you join our demand for a fashion industry that promotes unity, understanding, and equality for all.